Arras and the Pays d'Artois seen by Sylvie Facon, the book

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Arras et le Pays d'Artois sous la griffe de Sylvie Facon - Arras and the Pays d'Artois under the Sylvie Facon label.

Ever since horse-drawn carriages and steam trains first started to transport us from one place to another, we have all been used to watching monuments and landscapes rush past our eyes. What is less commonplace, if not unique in the world, is to see them parading past in the strict sense of the term, seeing them travelling, too, while we, the onlookers, remain motionless in our seats. Yet this is the wild idea dreamed up in a meeting between fashion designer Sylvie Facon and the Arras Pays d'Artois Tourism Department: to dress up the Pays d'Artois in its seasonal finery, courtesy of Sylvie Facon, in order to parade its riches in the four corners of the world: on canvas, in museums and on the pages of a collector's book.

A collection of 40 exquisite dresses designed by Sylvie Facon, inspired by the heritage and landscape riches of the Pays d'Artois, brought together into a book offered in a deluxe edition.

A unique Christmas gift, perfect for lovers of the Pays d'Artois.

Arras Pays d'Artois Tourisme is grateful to Crédit Agricole Nord-de-France and Arras Grand Arras Rayonnement who have contributed to the creation of this work.
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