Film: Arras 1917, the history of the New Zealand Tunnellers IN FRENCH ONLY

Documentary "Arras 1917, the story of the New Zealand Tunnellers"

A true historical evocation filmed in the Wellington Tunnels, enriched with archive footage, 3D images and accounts from historians and personalities from all over the world, this film is a poignant tribute to the history and role of the New Zealand Tunnelling Company in Arras during the First World War. 

In just 6 months, from October 1916 to April 1917, the Tunnellers dug miles of tunnels with pickaxes to create a veritable underground city, capable of housing up to 24,000 soldiers, in preparation for a surprise attack unprecedented in military history, the Battle of Arras, launched on 9 April 1917.
Duration : 52mn - IN FRENCH ONLY

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