Do you want to learn more about the heritage of Arras? To discover the stories behind the city centre features? Then do what I did: using the Points in the City app, follow the Cœur de Ville trail stage by stage. Spend an hour on this cultural tour and the beating heart of Arras will hold no secrets for you.

I’ve always wondered what its name alluded to. The same goes for the Maison des Trois Luppars. Translated as the “House of the three leopards”, just the mention of it leaves me puzzled… so that’s a decision then; today I’m getting to the bottom of the mystery! “Mysteries”, in actual fact, because there are twenty or so dotted around the Cœur de Ville (the heart of the city) of Arras.

the Cathedral of Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Vaast in Arras

And in just one hour, all the mysteries have been solved. Now, I’ll leave you to discover for yourselves just who the famous Heroes are, what “la Taillerie” refers to and who is hiding behind those Three Leopards.