Head to the east of the Pays d’Artois, and set down your suitcases in a stately property you’ll never forget. Just 20 minutes from Arras and one and a half hours from Paris, deep in the countryside, Clos Barthélemy – Château d’Eterpigny offers tranquillity, luxury and complete retreat for a weekend unaffected by the passing of time.

It’s no surprise that Figaro Magazine ranked Clos Barthélémy among the 150 most beautiful guest room establishments in France. Reconstructed in the 1920s and standing in a spacious 4-hectare tree-covered park, this elegant large manor house offers five guest rooms.

Its neighbour, a pigeon tower dating back to 1786, has been converted into a guest house with country chic touches, next to a swimming pool and spa with a fitness area in the former brickbuilt stables. At the rear, in the middle of a century-old park, an enormous Baltard type orangery in glass and steel completes the decor.

« When our guest leave, they often tell us ‘life’s good at your place !’ After 18 months of work, it has been such a pleasure to breathe new life into this property, which is steeped in the history of the Pays d’Artois.» – Arnauld Broutel

It is indeed a place steeped in history

In the enormous entrance hall, the mosaic floor recalls the origins of the first château which was built in the dying years of the Ancien Régime.

For almost two centuries, this residence was owned by the Wartelle d’Herlincourt family. During the First World War, the Germans occupied the white stone château, and later dynamited it. A great traveller, Baron Léon d’Herincourt had it rebuilt in 1920, with his Italian travels in mind.

Today, we have him to thank for the fabulous mezzanine which leads to the five guest rooms fitted out by Arnauld and Christophe

You feel like a Hollywood star in “Miss Gaby”, the chic room featuring black and houndstooth motifs. You are immersed in the history of horses with a very British touch in the sophisticated “Ralph” room. You dream of getaways on the balcony of “La Baronne”, with its muted tones of orange and cappuccino.

And recharge your batteries in the romantic setting of the more secluded “L’Opaline”, gentle and intimate. And of course, “La Suite” is an invitation to revel in utter sophisticated luxury, with its white and gold tones and black Empire furniture. Gleaming parquet floors, enchanting bedding, sophisticated and audacious decoration : absolutely to die for.

Plan your upcoming outings in the surrounding Pays d’Artois from the comfort of the Chesterfield sofas in the “Grand Salon”. Appreciate Arnauld’s taste for art in the “Gustaf” lounge.

In the guest house, gather with the family for a holiday removed from everyday cares, with its view of the château and its 130m2 of space. The chance to enjoy time together, cook together, laugh together around the pool, be together. The Domaine d’Eterpigny is one of those rare places where the pleasure of an unexpected escape can be enjoyed to the full.

Clos Barthélémy in practice 

  • 5 guest rool – 1 guest house – The orangery makes a wonderful reception venue.
  • 1, Grand’rue, 62156 Éterpigny
  • Contact : contact@closbarthelemy.fr – 07 83 90 62 67
  • https://closbarthelemy.fr/