No sooner had I taken off my karabiner than I already wanted to take to the skies again! Ah, the Arras treetop circuit… I’ll never forget those three hours spent passing dizzyingly from tree to tree ten metres above the ground. The aerial view over the ramparts of the Citadel of Arras, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is imprinted in my memory. Feedback on a sensational adventure to enjoy with family or friends, for seasoned sportspeople and simple enthusiasts alike.

All hooked on the Accrobranche

In Arras, you don’t have to be 7 to 77 years old to enjoy the treetop circuit, it’s for under-6s too!

With family, friends, or going solo. Here, the colour of your wristband dictates everything. Your wristband is a pass (Baby, Junior 1 and 2, Teenager, Adult) that gives access to the relevant circuits. Ten in total. You’re spoiled for choice. From green (easy) to black (very difficult). While the little ones do somersaults on nets (Pitchouns circuit), the older ones slip into barrels (Ouistiti circuit) and families teeter in single file on rocking boards (Tribu circuit), I have my eyes on the Vitalité and Aventure circuits.

Whether you slip on a climbing harness or stay at ground level, the Arras treetop circuit leaves an impression on everyone.  Yes, with or without a karabiner, here everyone appreciates the setting. Following the footpaths, strolling around the moats, admiring the ramparts, listening to the animals, breathing in the smell of the sycamores…

” A breath of fresh air right in the middle of town, on a UNESCO-listed site “

And up in the air, everyone finds their own level: the most intrepid can climb up a ladder as steep as a greased pole and swing through the canopy like Tarzan. Some even skateboard ten metres above the ground, watched incredulously by the joggers below. The less bold aren’t left out either. On the programme: log walking, clambering across rope bridges and a zip line circuit, one line a full 210 metres long! An absolute must! 

Before jumping off

If, like me, your head is sometimes in the clouds, here are some tips. First, your Smartphone. Leave it in the car. Then it won’t come to a bad end in the moats! Second, comfort. Go for trainers and long trousers, rather than flip flops and shorts. Third, safety. Tie your hair back. In any event, wearing a safety helmet and gloves is obligatory. Good news: wearing glasses is no problem because you are never upside down. Now for the essential: the karabiner. Attached to the continuous lifeline, you are never without it. And as practice before the big take-off, everyone does a trial circuit under the watchful eye of a certified instructor. 

Cit’Loisirs in pratice

  • 77, allée du Bastion de la Reine, the Citadel, Arras.
  • Online bookings on or on+ 33 (0)6 38 62 96 83.
  • Admission: from €8 to €22.